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  • 送貨方式 Shipping Policy
    與本站合作的速遞公司 Care U 網上商店部份訂單會由順豐速遞和本公司物流合作單位派送。如客人有任何其他關於送貨安排的要求,也可以在下單前使用Whatsapp //電郵與我們商討,我們會致力滿足客人要求。 Delivery Service Part of the order in Care U online store will be delivered by SF Express and other courier companies. Customers can discuss with us by Whatsapp or via email if there are any requirements regarding delivery arrangements before the ordering. We will do our best to meet customer requirements. 運費 在Care U 網上商店購物滿 HKD$800,客人將可享本地住宅和工商地址免運費。而如客人想選擇順豐站自取和智能櫃自取請於下訂單後與我們聯絡。 若果在同一則訂單未滿 HKD$800,順便到付 (運費另行通知) ​ Delivery fee Free shipping to both local residential and commercial addresses on purchases over HKD$800 in Care U online store. If the customers want to choose self-pickup at SF Express stations or EF lockers, please contact us after placing the order. Self-pickup at SF Express stations or EF lockers may not be available for some larger items such as dry food, potty pad, cat litter, and so on. If the order is less than HKD$800 for a single purchase, shipping fee will be paid on delivery.
  • 需要更多幫助? Need More Help?
    您們的公司電郵地址是什麼? 我們公司的電郵地址:。 我們將盡我們所能,在24小時內回覆您。 你們有Whatsapp的號碼嗎? 有。我們公司的 WhatsApp 號碼是 +852-97163120 . 我們將盡我們所能,在24小時內回覆您。另外,請留意,我們不會通過 WhatsApp 號碼接聽電話的。 What is your company email address? Our email address : We will do our best to reply to you within 24 hours. Do you have a Whatsapp number? Yes. Our company's WhatsApp number is +852-97163120. We will do our best to reply to you within 24 hours. In addition, please note that we will not answer any calls to this WhatsApp number.
  • 隱私及安全性 Privacy and security
    你們如何維護我的個人資料? 要建立一個賬戶,您需要輸入您的姓名,電子郵件地址,送貨地址和電話號碼。這些都是我們需要的,以便將貨物送遞,讓你收到更新訂單狀態信息。按照香港特區個人資料條例(第486章),您的個人信息會被保守。請參閱我們的私隱政策的詳細信息。 How do you safeguard my personal data? To create an account, you need to enter your name, email address, shipping address and phone number. These are necessary details in order to deliver the goods and allow you to receive updated order status information. In accordance with the Personal Data Ordinance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Chapter 486), your personal information will be protected. Please refer to our privacy policy for details.
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